Batch of SRJC '05


Ang Meishi Audrey
Chen Weiliang
Chen Zhicai
Cheok Yiyang
Choo Ming Hui Raymond
Chow Chung Chai Joseph
Foo Yong Sheng Glenn
Goh Wai Gang
Kelvin Goh
Koh Shu Hui Sylvia
Lee Li Fang Yvonne
Lee Liyun
Leow Zixiang
Lim Hiang He Andrew
Lim Peng Fei Darrell
Lim Si Jie
Lin Hui Ting
Ling Ting Jun
Tan Pei Kim Sally
Tan Wen De Sigmund
Tee Liang Shi
Teh Jie Er Sophia
Teng Li Qin Ellyn
Yeo Yang Theng


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Saturday, March 06, 2010
Chicken Dance

Just in case this isn't obvious, this guy crashed the lecture halfway.

Raymond shared @ 8:44 PM


Friday, February 26, 2010
So dead

this blog is so dead now....

it's been 5 years since we first met one another in class 1s13...

These are some changes I've noticed...

Raymond- Banning himself from FB to do his work... WOW! a tech savvy person can actually resist himself from the very cool FB

Wai Gang- Studying in sch library for his prelims!!!! and previously, every time i saw him in school, he's studying. WOW!! when did he even completed a piece of homework last time??

Joseph- like wai gang...i saw him in school studying too. WOW!

Liang Shi- Looking at his head now....medusa-lookalike...looks like thousands of worms live on his head. and remember his rooster hairdo? that's so unlike the past....rem his almost botak hair..

Kelvin- He's the future Chemistry teacher! WOW! remember there's once Miss Tan ask those who haven't do the tutorial to stand through the lesson? he's one of them leh~

Si Jie- He's the BFG in class...as in Big Friendly Guy. Now... I heard he got Bigger!

Andrew- the girls' sister! the person i 'torture' most during pw...whenever I call him...I'll go...'Andrew Lim!'. Now...finally he's more updated! got a hp and even wear braces.

Glenn- Though he was my pw mate and we'll take the same bus home....we seldom talk. Somewhere last year, i met him on the bus back from school, we chatted on the entire journey back. WOW! we actually engaged in a coversation.

Zhi Cai aka Keith- I thought he wasn't really an arty person... but now...he's an architecturer in the making! still the same funny person! KFC Buddy Meal for Sigmund~

Zi Xiang- The talented musician in class...he's a professional musician now...something which I can forsee last time... but... WOW! he's also a BOSS now!

There're of coz many more classmates whom I've yet to mention here.... i guess this is a good reason for the next person to continue....

Keep this blog alive!!!

Ag shared @ 6:12 PM


Friday, June 05, 2009
Gay Bar

Since no one is posting anything let me post something!


Raymond shared @ 3:50 PM


Saturday, January 17, 2009
Chinese new year

Hi fellas, anyone got any plans for cny??

Sigmund shared @ 4:29 PM


Sunday, January 04, 2009

Dear people!

Thanks for today. . i felt perhaps if i post it here then i can get some people to come and read. .

So yay. . thanks. . ! the presents, the cakes, the wines. . love it all. . ! the effort, the time spent, the presence. . appreciate them. . !

And you know. . it's the first time im celebrating my birthday in a kopitiam. . terrific experience. . ! I don't really know how to describe this, but it was awesome. . seriously. . ! I wander just how many people actually do so like us. . haaaa!

Thanks again. . !

Up next. . Hui Ting's birthday! 17th Jan. . Lunch @ Square 2. . See ya soon. . !

(actually wanted to upload some photos here. . but seems like the java application doesnt work. . let me know if you want any photo alright. . )

k shared @ 12:35 AM


Saturday, December 20, 2008

Hello! Hello!

Hopefully I am not writing this so only I can see it=p
Where should we go on our Saturday gathering? Char Kauy Teow at Serangoon? But which part of serangoon?

While we decide,

PLEASE PREPARE A GIFT (Budget $15) to exchange that night!

Day-dreamer shared @ 8:19 AM


Thursday, November 13, 2008

Argh!!! Exams sucks.. Ok. I think I've done badly this time round. And I just saw the last entry for the next gathering. Hmmm.. I wonder if I'm free for both days as IHG is coming up and I need to prepare for it and plus I'll most likely be working during that period of time. Will let you guys know again. Good luck for those having exams now! I think I need the most of the lucks. Lolx.. See ya.

Yang shared @ 5:09 PM